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“Taloma Partners was instrumental in successfully launching and operationalizing Prosperity Denver Fund. From issue-spotting and prioritizing to strategizing and executing, they were fundamental to our many accomplishments during the first months of our existence. Their ability to quickly jump in was impressive. They were able to juggle multiple projects at once while keeping their eye on the big picture. They became trusted partners and advisors to the PDF board and our stakeholders and then led our efforts to successfully hire our first CEO. I would highly recommend Taloma to anyone needing interim leadership services and a valued team member.”

Stephen Kurtz, PDF Board Chair

“Colorado’s business and nonprofit community have benefited greatly from the talents and expertise of Tamra, Lori and Maren. For more than two decades, the three remarkable professionals who constitute Taloma Partners have helped create the Colorado we all are honored to call home.”

Joe Blake, Community Leader

“Tamra, Lori and Maren are all leaders in their own right; known for their individual skills and ability to deliver on initiatives and projects they have managed in their careers. These three forces, coming together to form Taloma Partners, will be of great benefit to the clients they choose to serve.”

Dave Davia, Executive VP and CEO, Colorado Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors

“Tamra, Lori and Maren each care deeply about and serve our community in very thoughtful and impactful ways. Not only do they contribute as individual leaders and volunteers, they provide sound and strategic counsel to organizations wanting to broaden their community engagement. They walk the talk—and Denver and Colorado are better for their many contributions. When you put all three of them together, they are unstoppable!”

Jamie Van Leeuwen, Community Leader

“I have known Tamra, Lori and Maren throughout their careers, and have admired the work they have done for their employers as well as their civic engagement. When they launched Taloma Partners, CollegeInvest was pleased to secure their services to assist us in meeting our mission. They are skilled, strategic and deeply connected in the fabric of Colorado. We are proud to call them part of our team.”

Angela Baier, President & CEO, CollegeInvest

“As a fellow communications professional, I am excited to have Taloma Partners launch in Denver. I have known and worked with the principals over the years and know the quality of their work and connections. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them as Taloma and Aiello PR and Marketing both care deeply about the community we live and work in.”

Wendy Aiello, President of Aiello PR and Marketing

“As someone with personal experience working in the private, nonprofit and public sectors, I can attest to the incredible value that Taloma Partners brings by understanding the intersections among the three. They have the ability to leverage those points for successful outcomes.”

Chris Castilian, Executive Director, Great Outdoors Colorado

“These three talented women were a force individually, and a powerhouse when working together! I know Taloma Partners will continue to lead important work and collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to strengthen our community.”

Luella Chavez D’Angelo, Community Leader

“Taloma Partners provides a valuable complement to public policy and legislative efforts. When building a team to support clients’ public policy needs, Taloma Partners is top of mind because of their expertise in coalition-building, stakeholder engagement and strategic messaging.”

Travis Berry and Scott Chase, Partners, Politicalworks

“The principals of Taloma Partners are insightful and well respected. Their connections to top business, civic and nonprofit leaders are comprehensive and they know how to solve client problems though a collaborative process. Taloma will be a good partner in helping you navigate the uncertainty of today’s business climate.”

Steve Sander, President, Sander Marketing Group

“I have had the great pleasure of working with the talented women of Taloma Partners on a recent project.  Their deep connections to the community, combined with their top-notch professional expertise in communications delivered an outcome beyond our expectations.   I would recommend their services to anyone looking to strengthen their presence and reputation in Colorado.”

Barb Morgan, Regional Sales Manager, Air Canada

“J. Walter Thompson had the pleasure of partnering with Taloma Partners for an international client that required local market expertise. We were impressed with Taloma’s ability to understand the clients’ business immediately and execute flawlessly. Lori, Tamra and Maren are a powerhouse with their depth of community connections, strength of relationships with leading civic influencers and a genuine pleasure to work with. We would happily recommend them to anyone seeking strategic counsel, communications expertise or outreach services in Colorado.”

Kevin Melhuish, Director, Corporate Development, J. Walter Thompson

“As a fellow woman-owned business owner, I am thrilled that Taloma Partners has launched! Their combined experience and expertise – the Power of 3 – will be a tremendous asset to the success of so many important initiatives in our community.”

Ramonna Robinson, President and Managing Partner, GroundFloor Media Co-founder, CenterTable

“The principals of Taloma Partners are three of the most capable, connected and community-minded people in Colorado. They understand what it takes to move from an idea to action, and all the steps along the way that are required to be successful. It’s for these reasons the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has chosen to work with Tamra, Lori and Maren on key initiatives underway within our institution.”

George Sparks, President & CEO, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

“The three leaders of Taloma Partners are among the most trusted thought partners in our community. They have led and left their fingerprints on the most important issues and initiatives in Colorado. Whether in the public, private or nonprofit sector, their counsel and advice has served Colorado for the better.”

Alan Salazar, Community Leader

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Tamra, Lori and Maren. Time and again, I’ve seen them successfully navigate complex and challenging situations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Their smart, strategic, collaborative approach is complemented by their deep commitment to the success of our state. Their collective values, talent, expertise and network connections make them a truly effective team.”

Kelly Brough, President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

“I have known Tamra, Lori and Maren throughout their careers, and have worked along-side them over the past couple of decades on a number of the most important initiatives Colorado’s business community has undertaken. Each brings their own special talents and approach, but all are strategic, knowledgeable, and focused on achieving results. When building a team to get you across the finish line, add Taloma Partners to your list.”

Rob Cohen, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, IMA Financial Group

Chair, Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games Exploratory Committee

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