Consulting in Context

Did the world really need another consulting firm?  Initially, we didn’t think so. After all, there are so many reputable ones out there, doing great work and servicing clients. And yet, we thought we were different. We believed we could fill a niche with unmet needs and provide a unique and valuable approach.

In addition to being consultants, all three of us have been the client. In fact, we have been the client for the majority of our 25+ year careers. We’ve served in executive and leadership roles for private companies, nonprofit organizations and in government. Among the three of us, we have managed millions of dollars in consulting contracts. We know what clients want. We know what clients need. We know what clients expect. And, we know what brings added-value.

The ability for us to bring that context when consulting in partnership with a client is extremely valuable.  We consider all of the aspects that may be impacted, not only the ones directly associated with an issue or project. And, we identify opportunities to be leveraged and challenges that can be mitigated or eliminated.