Talking TALOMA

It took us forever to agree on a name.  We wanted it to be perfect—to represent who we were individually and to represent who we would be collectively.  When Lori suggested Taloma—a combination of the first two letters of each of our first names – we knew it was right.

In addition to blending our individual names, Taloma has special and relevant meaning to us as partners. It isn’t an actual word, but it is a proper name. According to Google, “Taloma” is associated with numerous qualities that strongly resonated with us. We’d like to share a few with you:

Your name Taloma makes you a capable leader and organizer. Success and endurance are two words that describe you the best. You are not a person who would ever give up on anything. Rather, you set goals for yourself and give everything you have to achieve them. People close to you can always count on your reliability. You are a responsible person who emits security.

Bringing people together for a common cause or to solve disagreements is one of your skills. Seeing both sides of a coin enables you to constantly find new perspectives to solve any and all disagreements. You are gracious and strive for balance, making you a good negotiator. And, you never close doors so that there is room left for compromise.

Taloma is a person who is full of love and creates harmony and balance for their friends. Graceful and charming when dealing with others, your emotional intelligence is very high. Giving joy is one of your greatest gifts.

Many of the above characteristics describe the personality and approach of our new firm, some are fundamental principles we have espoused throughout our careers, and others are aspirational – things we hope to achieve and be known for as we launch Taloma Partners.

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